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Is it time to say goodbye to sugary energy drinks, nutritional bars and spilling pills?

Imagine a fun, easy energy strip streamlined for mental alertness with nutritional value, caffeine and easy enough to pack in your back pocket. Now, add some quirky packaging, a website and marketing theme using hunky athletic celebs with a semi-crudeness and it all comes together as a very successful company selling healthy energy strips. 

We all need an extra energy kick these days. Whether it’s an athlete running the extra mile, a shift worker on their feet for 12 hours or studying all night for an exam, energy is a hot commodity. Sheets Energy Strips are a company out to produce a refreshing concept for those needing to grab an extra jolt. Flavored energy strips, loaded with vitamins with a tad of caffeine seems too good to be true. With their catchy website and clever marketing scheme, Sheets Energy Strips have much to offer:


Sheets Energy Strips: What makes it different?

Sheets Energy Strips have much to offer. Unique enough being a paper thin strip, the sheets have all the positive properties of a nutritional bar or even an energy drink, yet take up less space.

  • Travel--Take up very little space making it easy to travel with. No mess, no fuss carrying luggage on the plane when you can pop a sheet.
  • No sugar--Sheets Energy Strips have absolutely no sugar unlike most energy drinks. With very few calories, boosted by B vitamins, it’s actually somewhat healthy.
  • Flavors--3 flavors are available setting this product apart from others. Mint, cinnamon rush and berry blast with no after taste are options.
  • Caffeine--The caffeine content is approximately equal to one cup of coffee.
  • Benefits--Vitamins, mental alertness, easy to carry.
Sheets Energy Strips vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Sheets Energy Strips)

Other energy strips and shots are available, but not quite as “unique” as Sheets. Competition for Sheets Energy Strips are:

Diablo Energy Strips are similar, but lack the vitamins. Enticed with a cranberry flavor, ingredients in Diablo strips include guarana, a natural herb known for boosting energy and ginseng. The packaging has all the needed information including nutritional facts which could benefit Sheets packaging. Although there is no sugar and no calories, similar to Sheets, Diablo Ice Strips has a bit of an after taste. Customers claim Diablo strips help with hangovers and weight loss. Also, unlike Sheets, Diablo strips have other types available, either for calmness or detoxification. Listed on the Diablo Ice Energy Strips website is a glossary, which is a informative description of the ingredients and their properties.

 5-Hour Energy Shots carry the same concept but are available in a “shot.” The shot holds B vitamins, like Sheets, and other amino acids that promote energy. 5-Hour Energy Shots also holds caffeine equivalent to Sheets Energy Strips. 5-Hour Energy Shots alert the customer of a “niacin flush” happening and recommend taking half if needed. The shots, not an option yet for Sheets, are available in decaf as well and one can opt for 5 different flavors.

Sheets definitely has the lead on marketing with their product. Testamonials by celebs plus quirky, crude puns make it a fun product that young and old can appreciate.


Sheets Energy Strips: Pricing & packages

Pricing varies a bit with each company. The 5-hour Energy shots run higher, but there is more packaging involved. Sheets Energy Strips seem like the best deal between all 3 companies, considering quality of product, consistency and endorsements from consumers. There are several websites that carry the energy boosts, so pricing varies slightly.

Sheets Energy strips  

  • 1 box --10 pack--$5.95
  • Shipping-- Free if ordering 2 packages or more

5-hour Energy Shots

  • 6 pack--$14.99
  • 12 pack--$25.99
  • Shipping--Shipped within 1 day, $5.95

Diablo Energy Strips

  • 1 package of 18 strips--$2.99
  • Shipping-- Varies; free, depending on code and website
Sheets Energy Strips: Product images & screenshots
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Sheets Energy Strips: Customer reviews & comments

The feedback on Sheets Energy strips was amusing. Videos of Pitbull, recording artist, show Pitbull with a Sheets strip in his mouth. 

Basketball star, LeBron James, hanging out in the locker room, slaps a Sheets in his mouth pre-game and pre-workouts saying,

 “No water needed, just 1 strip, it’s that simple.”

Model Kate, on a Youtube video, claims "it's a perfect way to get a boost and fits nicely in the model bag." 

While most consumers joke with “puns” to comment on the product, few say how it really is. The videos for Sheets are creative, entertaining to some, but Sheets strips lack positive reviews on the product itself. Consumers rage mostly about the convenience of the product. With all the hype and creative attention towards the strips, it is definitely a product to succeed.

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Hadn't heard of these strips. It's amazing!

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